Individual Gourmet Sandwich Lunch Box


Indulge in our gourmet individual lunch box catering! Each box features a mouthwatering gourmet sandwich, a fresh fruit, and a delectable gluten-free cookie.

Our chef-crafted sandwiches are made with premium ingredients and a variety of delectable fillings. Enjoy a gourmet experience on-the-go with our individual lunch box catering.

Choose from:

Triple Veggie: Pesto, rocket, roast pumpkin, grilled eggplant, caramelised onion and beetroot relish on Turkish bread.

The Italian: Sundried tomatoes, artichoke, leg ham, provolone cheese & rocket on Turkish bread.

Chicken Capresse: Chicken, pesto, rocket, tomatoes & mozzarella on Turkish bread.

Ham, Cheese & Tomato: Classic Ham, Cheese & Tomato on Turkish bread